Nortec Aviation

Nortec Aviation

As a globally operating manufacturer of Battery Charging Systems, Nortec Electronics launched together in 1988 with the battery manufacturer VARTA successfully the Charger / Analyzer VARTA UL10. Due to the steadily development of our UL-Charger / Analyzers this success story will be continued. In this process, we work closely with the battery manufacturers to apply new developments and up to date know-how into our products. Our UL- Charger/ Analyzers comply with the high quality requirements of aircraft batteries and are in operation for many years.

UL60 - Battery Charger / Analyzer

- 40V/60A
- Electronic switched-mode power supply
- USB2.0, Ethernet LAN
- Automatic cell measurement adapter

UL60 charger analyzer

UL10 - Charger / Analyzer

- 40V/40A
- Toroidal transformer

UL10 charger analyzer