Nortec Electronics

Since 1978, Nortec Electronics is a global provider of complete solutions for battery charging systems and power supplies.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • High-quality battery Charger and Analyzer to ensure safe operations of aircraft and helicopter batteries. In this field Nortec Electronics closely co-operates with battery manufacturers,
  • Battery charging and trickle-charging systems for industrial and military vehicles,
  • Customized solutions such as battery chargers for locomotives, power supply on vessels or mobile power supplies with fuel cells.

Our core competency is the development and production of customer specific solutions. Nortec Electronics is well known for high quality, reliability and close co-operation together with its customers and suppliers. Our products distinguish themselves by their outstanding long lifetime. The support over many years completes the portfolio.


Our company's history

  • 1978 - Elektronik Service Grauel (ESG)
  • 1984 - Grava GmbH, merger of ESG and Vahland
  • 1987 - NorTec Electronic GmbH
  • 1999 - JRR NorTec Reparaturen
  • 2013 - Nortec Electronics GmbH & Co. KG


Business model

We develop and produce our systems and products by ourselves in Germany. Corporate customers are supported directly by a dedicated sales and service team. In selected regions we are represented by our internationals business and sales partners.


Why Nortec Electronics

  • Specialist with high experience and core competence in battery charging systems for 35 years
  • Individual solutions in permanent contact with the customer and in close cooperation with the battery suppliers
  • Our aim is to assure the permanent fitness of operation of vehicles and an optimum lifespan of the batteries at any time
  • Our products
    • Are developed according to the latest technological standards e.g.: microprocessor control and SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology;
    • Have a long lifespan;
    • Warrant optimal, smooth charging with low efforts for maintenance and care of the batteries which means amortization of the cost of investment in chargers in shortest time;
    • Are designed modular and can be maintained by the clients themselves.
  • We are able to produce flexible - from single production and small numbers to serial production with several thousand devices.


Markets and products


Nortec Aviation

  • Airports and airlines, aircraft manufacturer, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul providers (MROs) Charger/ Analyzer for aircraft and helicopter batteries


Nortec Industry

  • Battery shops and railway depots: Charger/ Analyzer
  • Fire brigades, police and rescue vehicles, heavy construction vehicles: Battery charger and trickle-charger
  • Operators with large emergency power supplies from lead-acid batteries: Battery testing device to identify weak or destroyed batteries


Nortec Defence

  • Land, air and naval forces:
    • Charger/ Analyzer
    • Battery charger and trickle-charger
    • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
    • Customized solutions such as power supply on vessels or mobile power supplies with fuel cells