Charger-/Trickle Charger EL24i designed for fire-fighting and rescue vehicles

Ahrensburg, August 1st, 2014

EL24iNortec Electronics extends its range of reliable battery chargers and trickle chargers with a new version for search and rescue (SAR) applications called EL24i. It convinces through its high-quality workmanship and the striking design and is specially tailored to the specific needs of fire-fighting vehicles. The robust device is protected against dust and jets of water (IP 65).

All standard lead-acid-batteries (Wet, MF, Gel, AGM) can be charged with 24V (option 12V) and a charging current of 8A. When the battery is fully loaded the intelligent charger automatically switches to trickle charging and maintains the maximum capacity. Failures of the battery will be recognized. This concept ensures the operational readiness of emergency vehicles.

The EL24i could be installed inside or outside vehicles. Status of device and battery are indicated continuously by LEDs which are visible from several meters distance (ceiling mounted). There is an external status display box available which allows the user to view the status in case the EL24i is mounted anywhere inside the vehicle.

In addition to the red colored version for fire brigades the housing could be supplied in several other colors. Nortec Electronics offers both customized cables in various lengths and plugs to integrate units into existing battery and vehicle electronics.