• Product description

    Rettbox® and Rettbox®-air provide an ideal solution for power and compressed air supplies to rescue and fire brigade vehicles, offering automatic ejection of the coupler socket.
    The system comprises an insulated housing and a sliding cover as well as a MARECHAL® plug and socket device with silver-nickel butt contacts. When the vehicle is started up, an electric lifting magnet sends an impulse to the trigger hook of the socket, thus the supply line is automatically separated from the vehicle.
    Pressure springs eject the coupler socket, with the sliding cover closing automatically at the same time. With the Rettbox®-air version, the compressed air supply is integrated in the plug and socket as well as in the supply cable and is thus separated simultaneously.

    The vehicle can now drive away perfectly safely.

    • Self-closing sliding cover
    • Self-closing socket cover
    • Coupler socket made of glassfibre reinforced PBT
    • Male inlet 2 to 6 contacts
    • Insulated housing made of glassfibre reinforced polyamide *
      * Rettbox®-air 32 A made of stainless steel with protective insulation
    • Electric lifting magnet 12/24 V providing automatic ejection when the engine is started
    • Rettbox®-air: Power and compressed air in one supply line


    Ensure speed and safety

    1. Loading box connected to the electrical system of the vehicle.
    2. Automatic ejection of the coupler socket upon start-up of the vehicle by way of an electric lifting magnet.
    3. Protection against water and dust by means of a self-closing cover.
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    Rettbox® / Rettbox®-air
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