Nortec Defence

Nortec Defence

As a specialist for Battery Charging and Trickle-Charging of batteries we provided several thousand devices to important armies. We know the military environment and customers with specific requirements. One of our strengths are high quality Chargers/ Analyzers for large vehicle fleets (e.g. armored forces) and aviation sector (e.g. Eurofighter Typhoon and helicopter squadrons). Nortec developed power supplies for frigate F123 and UPS for communication-shelters. Furthermore we contributed on power supplies for military use fuel cell.

EL11 - Battery charger and trickle-charger

- 24V / 10A charge, 1A trickle-charge
- Developed according VG96960
- Temperature compensated charging curve

EL11 battery charger and trickle charger

LG/GL110 - Rectifier for Power supply on vessels

- Rectifier for power supply on vessels
- Input: 440VAC, Output: 24-32V/80A (GL)
- Nortec still provide all repair services and all spare parts

LG110 GL110 rectifier for power supply on vessels

UL30 - Universal 24V battery charger and trickle-charger

- 24V / 8A charge, 1A trickle-charge
- Temperature compensated charging curve
- Robust aluminium housing IP65

UL30 universal 24V battery charger and trickle charger

UPE4000 - Portable power supply (UPS)

- 28.8V / 8A charging / 1A trickle-charging
- Shock mounted Lithium or Dryfit batteries
- 19.1kg (including 2x16Ah-Dryfit)

UPE 4000 portable power supply ups