BM-24 - Battery voltage meter with USB

  • Product description

    According to the specifications of the battery manufacturers, battery systems must be checked regularly. These tests must be carried out in accordance with DIN EN 60896-21. A requirement is the annual measurement and recording of the charging voltage of all cells / blocks.

    In order to carry out this work without much effort, we have developed the Battery voltage meter BM-24 with USB interface.

    Applying a constant voltage, data record is stored in the meter. After completion of a series of measurements, all voltage values with cell number, date and time are stored on a USB stick as a CSV file. This CSV file can be opened e.g. in Excel.

    You do not need special software or hardware for further data processing.

  • Specifications


    BM-24.010 123


    336 x 185 x 146


    0.22 kg
  • Operating Instruction

    Battery voltage meter BM-24 / USB
    (englisch, pdf, not available)
    Batteriespannungsmessgerät BM-24 / USB
    (german, pdf, 0.2 MB)