BT3001 - Charger / Analyzer for Battery shops and Railway depots

  • Product description

    The Charger-/Analyzer BT3001 is designed for the treatment of lead and NiCd batteries by battery shops and railway depots. The unit guides the operator by multilingual user interface through the individual programs on a 4-line display. These are adopted according to the used battery configurations by the respective railways. The device is designed for 108VDC railway battery systems. It has an integrated 100A battery testing function optional.

    The charging cable with clamps can be used for PB batteries from 16Ah. The cell measuring cable 025C is required for measurement of each battery cell individually.


    Cell probe cable for BT300x, UL61 and UL62

    025C - Cell probe cable for BT300x/UL61/UL62

    Cell probe cable for BT300x, UL61 and UL62

  • Specifications




    400 x 504 x 253


    35 kg




    230VAC 50/60Hz 3000W


    130VDC / 16A charging and discharging
  • Auxiliary equipment

    020A/B charging cable set with conic poles and integrated temperature measurement

    020A/B - Charging cable set for lead batteries

    Charging cable set with conic poles (positive and negative)

    022A/B battery charging cable with clamps

    022A/B - Battery charging cable set with clamps

    Charging cable with robust clamps (positive and negative)

    Wearing parts

    print paper 6 rolls for Nortec Charger Analyzer

    Print paper for UL10 / BT2000, 6 rolls

    Print paper for Nortec Charger / Analyzer

    printer ribbon for Nortec charger analyzer

    Printer ribbon for Nortec Charger / Analyzer

    Printer ribbon for Nortec Charger / Analyzer, 2pcs.

  • Operating Instruction

    Customer specific product, user manual on request